List of School Facilities

List of School Facilities

Class Rooms

All the Class rooms are equipped with overhead projectors, Promethean/Pull down screens. Internet connection is available in all the class rooms. ICT is a key component in lesson delivery.

Multi-purpose Auditorium

The spacious state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, multi-purpose auditorium is a superb indoor facility for students to play numerous indoor games as well as develop their public speaking and theatrical talents all through the year.

Sports Fields

In addition to a large multi-purpose auditorium, The School has a variety of sports fields to encourage specialized learning in different outdoor games.

Music and Art & Craft Rooms

The School believes in bringing out the creative best in its pupils. Well-equipped Art & Craft and Music Rooms promote encouragement and support for talented young artists and musicians in every age - group, while encouraging everyone to develop these skills.

Science Laboratories

The School provides well-equipped Science Laboratories to encourage the practical application of the science subjects, in both the primary and secondary sections.

Computer Laboratories

The School has Six Computer Laboratories with internet connection and multi-media facilities. ICT is a compulsory component of the curriculum up to Year 9. ICT & Computing are offered as an optional subjects from Year 10 to 13.


The School has two well-resourced libraries stocked with books, periodicals and a variety of other resources catering to all age groups. A love of reading is encouraged from a very young age, as an independent way to enjoy learning and to gain knowledge.

Air-conditioned Play Area for Foundation Stage

Air-conditioned play area for the Foundation Stage students provides a safe and secure environment for physical activity all through the year.

Outdoor Covered Play Areas

There are outdoor covered play areas too for the older students as well as for the Foundation Stage students.

School Transport

The School has a fleet of air-conditioned buses. This facility is provided to help students reach school in comfort. The bus routes cover all parts of Dubai.

Medical Care

The school has two well - equipped infirmary with two permanent doctors and four nurses. All cases of injury or illness receive preliminary medical attention. All students receive a regular medical check-ups, Dental check-ups and our infirmary works in close conjunction with the Government of Dubai, Department of Health and Medical Services, Primary Health Care Section.

The School Store

Prescribed textbooks, workbooks and stationery are available at the School store.

School Uniforms

A School Uniform helps in creating a certain identity with the school. Students wear their uniforms with great pride. The Uniform is simple but smart and distinctive. Please visit Threads warehouse in Al Quoz to purchase any Winchester Uniform.

School Canteen

A clean and well-stocked canteen sells healthy snacks and drinks during break times. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are a priority. Menus are revised termly.