Student Registration

Welcome to the GEMS Online Student Registration facility.

Online enquiry and registration has been opened  since 22nd October 2017 from FS1 and Year 1 to Year 10 for the Academic Year 2018-19. Online Enquiry for Foundation Stage 2 will not be opened.  Please note that AED 500/- registration fees is nonrefundable and nonadjustable amount and does not guarantee admission.

Registration Fee will not be refunded / adjusted if the online registration is done in the wrong Year Group especially from FS1 to Year 1. Please check the Age on entry / Curriculum criteria for your child.

Once you fill out the form you will receive an Enquiry Number. Please print a copy of this Receipt and keep it for your records. If you cannot print the Receipt page, please ensure you write down the Enquiry Number. Without the Enquiry Number, we cannot verify your enquiry.

Please click here to complete the enquiry form.

Curriculum Criteria

If your child is currently attending IB, American, Indian, SABIS curriculum school which is upto Grade 12, then please complete the enquiry for a Year above the current Grade. For example- If your child is currently in Grade 2 then your enquiry should be for Year 4.

Age on Entry

Key Stage  Age on Entry Year Group
Foundation Stage  3 Years  (31st  December Foundation Stage 1 
4 Years (31st  December) Foundation Stage 2
Key stage  1 5 Years  (31st December) Year 1
6 Years (31st December) Year 2
Key stage  2 7 Years  (31st December) Year 3
8 Years  (31st December) Year 4
9 Years  (31st December) Year 5
10 Years (31st December) Year 6
Key stage  3 11 Years (31st December) Year 7
12 Years (31st December) Year 8
13 Years (31st December) Year 9
Key stage  4 14 Years (31st December) Year 10
IGCSE Examination 15 Years (31st December) Year 11
As Level  16 Years (31st December) Year 12
ADVANCED Level Examinations  17 Years (31st December) Year 13