Extra-curricular activities

Developing skills in new ways

As The Winchester School encourages every child to explore their strengths and capabilities, and because we believe that ‘Every Child Matters’.

All of these activities contribute to making our students lifelong learners and develop their academic, sporting and social skills making them all-round World Citizens.

In The Winchester School, additional Learning Opportunities run on all week days after school, at the cost of AED 50 per session. In Secondary to enhance student's skills, we have break time clubs offered to the students.

To introduce our students to a variety of areas, we have:

  • Sports days
  • Charity events
  • STEAM-based weeks of activities
  • Visiting speakers
  • Plays
  • Debating competitions
  • Spelling bees
  • Elocution competitions
  • Poetry and story recitation competitions
  • World Maths Day
  • Young Entrepreneurs Competition
  • ENBD Bank Competition
  • Assemblies
  • Book sales
  • Work placements
  • Education Fair
  • Field trips
  • Overseas trips
  • Over night local trips
  • Science competitions
  • Think Science
  • Graffiti competition
  • Movie making
  • Innovative product competition
  • KEN kEN challenge 

All of these activities contribute to making our students lifelong learners and help to develop their academic, sporting and social skills, making them all-round world-citizens.

After-school activities

Our students can participate in our after-school Learning Opportunities programmes.

Cost: AED 50 per session


One of the non-scholastic activities that the school offers is sports and after-school coaching. There are a wide variety of sports to choose from and the school is able to cater to the individual talents and interests of its students.

Outdoor Sports:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Throw Ball
  • Cricket
  • Roller Skating
  • Karate

And we encourage our students to live healthy lifestyles, both mentally and physically.