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Wellbeing Rebooted

31st January, 2024


At Winchester, we are committed to providing our learners with enriching learning opportunities. As a part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of our school, an official TEDx event is being organised by The Winchester School Jebel Ali. By organizing this event, we endeavour to give students an inclusive and dynamic platform to share their ideas and thoughts about the rapidly changing world we live in - ideas that resonate with the audience and create a ripple effect for further discussions. The theme for the TEDx event is “Wellbeing Rebooted”. In a world constantly evolving, our collective wellbeing is of paramount importance. This theme challenges speakers to reimagine and redefine wellbeing, encouraging them to explore creative, out-of-the-box interpretations.

Diligently organised by our multi-talented Executive Team, TEDxWinchesterSchoolJebelAli promises to be an event which will be etched in golden letters in the Winchester history. With speakers from 9 years old to 18 years old, the range of perspectives shared is phenomenally diverse as are the talk domains - music, environment, architecture, mathematics, computer science, A.I., mental health and so much more! The event will compel the audience to look at wellbeing in a new light- a testimony to our theme "Wellbeing Rebooted".   


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