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As one of Dubai’s preferred schools, our school has been teaching the National Curriculum for England (NCFE) to students from across the world since September, 2003. And we continue to be a preferred educator because of our prime location, excellent facilities and our reputation for providing a high-standard of education at an affordable price.

As a GEMS Education school, our foundation of learning is based on GEMS’ four core concepts of:

  • Excellence
  • Always Learning
  • One Team
  • Care

These foundational concepts enrich our curriculum and provide our students with an approach to learning that goes beyond basic memorisation of facts, by teaching our students how to be educated human beings who are knowledgeable in life and how to apply knowledge in the real world. We are the school where ‘Every Child Matters’.

We invite you to find out more about The Winchester School, and we encourage you to apply for your child’s place as early as possible, so your child can begin their lifelong journey of learning with us!

Would you like to submit an admission application? If so, please click here.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to nurture lifelong employable learners in an enabling, caring and inclusive environment so that they become confident, independent and progressive world citizens.

Mission Statement

To achieve our vision, The Winchester School has set the following mission.

Our mission is

  • To provide opportunities for creative, independent and analytical thinking.
  • To guide students to become adaptable self-assured citizens of tomorrow with potential to become world leaders.
  • To develop a love of learning through a variety of experiences in a caring and stimulating environment.

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