Important Contacts


Principal & CEO Ms. Meenakshi Dahiya [email protected]
Vice Principal Ms. Harpreet Kaur [email protected]
Executive Secretary Ms. Aubrey Galas

[email protected]

Head of Arabic & Islamic Education  Mr. Gaber Sayah Hamed Mohamed  [email protected]
Head of Inclusion Ms. Kathryn Noreen Darashah [email protected]
Head of Innovation, Curriculum & Enrichment Ms. Anna Francis Cherukara [email protected]
Head of Professional Development Ms. Elizabeth Jacob [email protected]
Head of Secondary Ms. Preeti Manoj [email protected] 
Head of Primary Ms. Jaya Paliwal [email protected]
Head of Well Being Ms. Debbiejo Miranda [email protected]
Deputy Head of Secondary & Academic Advisor 
Mr. Nisar Mohamed [email protected]
Deputy Head of Primary
 Ms. Deepika Dayal [email protected]
Accounts Team Mr. Clifton  Gracias [email protected];
Ms. Blessy Jose [email protected];
IT  Team Mr. Suhair Aboobakker ( ICT Engineer ) [email protected]
Mr. Jose Thompil Baby ( ICT Engineer ) [email protected]
Mr. Nevin  Pathrose ( IT Support ) [email protected]
Registration Team Ms. Anjala Bandela [email protected];
Ms. Rose Maria Rajeev [email protected];
Phoenix Classroom Support Ms. Shirin Farzana [email protected];
Parent Relation Executive Ms. Marilyn Carvalho [email protected]
Human Resource Officer Ms. Jacquline Temgire [email protected]
Doctors Dr. Mozhgan  Khademipour [email protected] 
 Dr. Yousra El Awany [email protected]
Manager School Operations Mr. Rajeev Abraham [email protected]
Government Relations Executive Ms. Ayah Al Qudah [email protected]
Secretary to HOP

Secretary to HOS Ms. Loreen Cruze [email protected]
STS - Service Delivery Executive Mr. Naeem K [email protected]
HOKS/HODS - Primary
Head of Foundation Stage (FS1 & FS2) Ms. Desiree Scott [email protected]
Head of Key Stage 1 (Y1&Y2) Ms. Jenefer David  [email protected]
Head of Key Stage 2 (Y3 & Y4) Ms. Manasee Agarwal [email protected]
Head of Key Stage 2 (Y5 & Y6) Ms. Indu Chandak [email protected]
Head of Math

Head of Science Ms. Mandeep Kaur [email protected]
Head of Humanities Ms. Michelle Rozario [email protected]
Head of PE Mr. Neijin Pathrose [email protected]
Head of Arabic for Arabs Mr. Saber Belal [email protected]
EAL Support Ms. Mai Salah Mahmoud Elseid Elswaf [email protected];
Second in Department (SID) - Primary
SID Maths Ms. Pooja Moudgil [email protected]
English Coordinator Y1 & Y2  Ms. Cynthia Pinto  [email protected]
 English Coordinator Y3 to Y6  Ms.. Rizwana Azim  [email protected]
Head of Year (HOY)- Primary
Head of FS1 Ms. Sonia Sehgal [email protected]
Head of FS2 Ms. Leena Premjith [email protected]
Head of Year 1 Ms. Nupur Joshi [email protected]
Head of Year 2 Ms. Nadia Rafique [email protected]
Head of Year 3 Ms. Nikita Sarin [email protected]
Head of Year 4  Ms. Angeleena Lepcha [email protected]
Head of Year 5 Ms. Ekta Sahni [email protected]
Head of Year 6 Ms. Manjusha Mohan [email protected]


For any queries related to fees/refund please contact our Accounts team
For any queries related to IT support please contact our IT  Team
For any queries related to admissions/ assessment  please contact our Registration team
For any queries related to My Learning please contact Ms. Shirin
For any queries related to Re-enrollment/ Payment plans/ ALO please contact Ms. Marilyn
For any queries related to Human Resources please contact Ms. Jacquline 
For any medical queries please contact our Doctors


HOKS/HODS - Secondary
Head of  Sixth Form Ms. Seema Vickyraj [email protected]
Head of Key Stage 4 Mr.Ernest Nyandege [email protected]
Head of Key Stage 3 Ms. Nirmal Rani [email protected]
Head of examination (Whole School) Ms. Sujaya Sen [email protected]
Assistant Head of Assessment 

Career Counsellor Ms. Reshmi Jaya Krishnan [email protected]
Student Counsellor  Ms. Ruchi Bhatia [email protected]
Head of English Ms. Akifa Ijaz  [email protected]
Head of Math  Ms. Tahmeena Khan  [email protected]
Head of Science
Mr. Aditi Kapoor
[email protected]
Physics Coordinator
Ms. Reshmi Jayakrishnan
[email protected]
Chemistry Coordinator
Ms. Aarti Chopra
[email protected]
Biology Coordinator Ms. Gursimran Kaur
[email protected]
Head of Humanities Ms. Meera Jacob [email protected]
Educational Technology Advisor for Whole School and Head of ICT Ms. Shirin Farzana [email protected]
Head of Business Studies Ms. Lincy Shibu [email protected]
Head of Arabic Mr. Ahmed Khalaf [email protected] 
Head of French Mr. Jalloul Jari [email protected] 
Head of PE Mr. Libson Mathews [email protected]
Head of Art Mr. Angelo Dias [email protected]
Future Skills and Experiential Learning Advisor for Whole School and Head of BTEC Ms. Shalini Rajan [email protected] 
Second in Department (SID)
SID English  Ms. Mini Pushpakaran [email protected]
SID Maths  Ms.Supriya Sundaram [email protected]
Assistant head of 6th form Ms. Sayeda Sahistha
[email protected]
SID Humanities  Ms. Evenglina Parkhe 
[email protected]
SID Business  Ms. Delma Sharyl Dsilva
Head of Year (HOY)- Secondary
Year 7A-7E Ms. Trupti Panicker [email protected]
Year 7F-7J Ms. Meena Airy [email protected] 
Year 8A-8E Ms. Reshma Roy
[email protected]
Year 8F-8J Ms. Dhanya Jayasree Sasidharan
[email protected]
Year 9 A-9E Ms. Cerin Philip
[email protected]
Year 9 A-9I
Ms. Caren Miranda
[email protected]
Year 10A-10E
Ms. Jane Pauline Monterio
Year 10F-10I
Ms. Sofia Sebastian [email protected]
Year 11A-11D Ms. Rekha Deepak
[email protected]
 Year 11E-11H Ms. Ammu Lakshman
[email protected]
Head of Year 12 Ms. Richa Shrimali [email protected]
Head of Year 13  Ms. Sherin Angelita Walder [email protected]

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