Know more about our canteen facility

Slices Catering

The Winchester School is proud to partner with Slices, our school food provider.  Slices is a home-grown real food company, aimed at transforming eating habits of the next generation across the UAE through providing fresh, wholesome and nutritious meals. 

In collaboration with Slices, The Winchester School is committed to ensuring that healthy and tasty meals are offered to our students. A cashless system is also implemented. 

For more information on our catering program, please have a look at our Slices Parent Brochure, and  Frequently Asked Questions 

Technical issues can be processed through the Slices Support ticket page:

Slices Cashless System 

As parents, we all understand that our number one priority is our child’s happiness and performance at school.  With Slices being your child’s school food provider, our aim is to supply each student with a Slices Card to be used instead of cash to purchase their daily school meals. Parents can register online and top up their child’s account to enable them to start using their Slices Card. Every time the card is presented at a till, the balance is displayed and this lets students know how much money they have available.  Parents can top up from any PC, tablet or mobile device that has an internet connection and follow the simple instructions to add funds to your child's Slices Card.

Please register for your child’s card