Anna Francis Cherukara

Head of  Innovation & Curriculum Enrichment

It is with great pleasure I extend a warm welcome to all of you, on behalf of the Winchester family. It’s been an honour and privilege to continue on in my role as Head of Innovation & Curriculum Enrichment for this academic year.

A key focus of my role includes providing a wide range of opportunities for students across all subjects and phases for their holistic development. Our students get both academic and nonacademic curricular enrichment experiences at national and international levels. These opportunities encourage our students to develop deeper concepts of learning, so that they become confident, global citizens, who remain open to lifelong learning.

We encourage our students to initiate and lead innovative projects, in order to support their peers, local and international community. In the last year alone, our students have led campaigns to support UNSDGs, such as #[email protected], and developed their own initiatives, including Project Rona, WINMUN, and WIN Radio.

We also collaborate with government departments – the Dubai Police, DEWA, and Expo 2020, to name a few – to ensure our students get the opportunities they need to strengthen their innovative thinking. Innovation is also an ethos we try to uphold as an institution, and we apply this thinking in all areas including use of spaces, resources, timetabling, teaching and learning.

To quote William Edward, Founder of Boeing: “Our problems are so new and unusual that it behooves no one to dismiss any novel idea with a statement that “It can’t be done”.

We strongly believe in “Every Child Matters and Every Idea Matters!”

We have an open-door policy, so all parents are free to communicate any queries and suggestions they might have. We have a team that consists of highly motivated, qualified and experienced individuals. I look forward to working closely with you so as to ensure your children get the highest quality education and best possible experience throughout their time at The Winchester School.

Anna Francis Cherukara
Head of  Innovation & Curriculum Enrichment

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