Deepika Dayal

Teaching and Learning Coach ( Primary )

Dear Winchester Family,

Welcome to a new school year!

I am the Teaching and Learning Coach (Primary) at The Winchester School, Jebel Ali. My role is to evaluate and evolve active teaching methodologies into intuitive, responsive and inclusive channels of learning. The objective is to chart the most efficient and sustainable route for both students and educators by deploying best in class techniques and grassroots insights.


I have eight years of teaching experience across multiple curricula. I was the Head of Science, Primary, at WIN for one year before I took on this role. During my tenure as HOD, I had demonstrated the positive impact of an inclusive yet dynamic teaching approach across not only my upskilled team but also the rising calibre of students. My strength lies in bridging the gap between teachers and students with creative insights.


My personal interest keeps me on top of education trends which facilitate the empowerment of the teacher community and the maintenance of excellent student outcomes. As a self-motivated educator and team leader, I aim to continue with a collaborative yet decisive approach to ensure that the Winchester teaching methodologies remains well-reputed among all our stakeholders.



Deepika Dayal

Teaching & Learning Coach (Primary School)

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