​Preeti Manoj

Head of Secondary

Dear Parents and Students, As part of Senior Leadership Team, I welcome you all to our Winchester family where we strongly believe that “Every Child Matters”.

Our aim in Secondary is to ensure that our educational experience is powerful and enriching so that our students are fully prepared for their future education and can seamlessly steer their careers to the fields of their choice. We emphasize to shape their aptitude and attitude towards rapid problem solving so that they can take risks, trial, make mistakes, find solutions and move forward, ready for any level of difficulty or challenge. We inculcate strong values and want them to be creative and be innovative to continuously improvise and get better and better.

 I, along with my team are committed to enable our students to be fully equipped with the academic excellence, strong character and personality, with love for knowledge, learning and developing skills that will drive their progress successfully, making them lifelong learners.

We aspire our students to achieve high academic standards with an active participation in a range of activities shaping their overall development. At Winchester we aim to create a stimulating learning environment where students can ask questions, investigate for themselves and take a leading role in their own learning, acquiring the skills to become independent learners.

We strive to develop the individual potential of each student and provide them with a variety of opportunities to widen their individual interests and talents. I am very excited about the STEAM opportunities diligently and very creatively planned by the team. STEAM projects aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their Math and Science base.

To develop the 21st century skills in our students we would be initiating project based learning and tap students’ potential by providing them opportunities to use their dominant learning styles.

At Winchester we offer a very wide range of activities to students across all three terms, I urge each parent to encourage their child/ren to participate in as many and make the most of the wide spread of opportunities.

 I look forward to working with students, parents and staff in collaboration to shape the future learners and leaders.


Preeti Manoj
Head of Secondary