School Information

School operation during Covid-19 pandemic

Over the course of the summer our Senior Leadership Team has worked closely with other schools within the GEMS network and the KHDA to develop guidelines and protocols that will ensure a safe return to school for your children. The guidelines here have been developed in partnership with parents and students and the KHDA, as well as drawing on scientific evidence and international best practice.

This guide is intended to best prepare you and your child for a successful and safe transition to blended learning for all in the first instance.

School Timings

Please click here to see the school timings.

Class wise Time tables

Please click below links to see the class wise time tables. 

Type of School Model and Student Groups

Please click here to see school model and Student groups.  

E-Learning Platform

This year, our online e-learning platform is PHOENIX. Please see below the links to access the step by step guides and video on how to access Phoenix classroom for parents and for students.

Welcome Packs

Please click below links to access the different welcome packs with school policies and agreements.

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Back to school during Covid-19 Complete Awareness Guide

  • Letter for readiness opening

  • Letter to parents and staff for travel update-DHA

  • Letter to parents for Health COVID related information

  • Stay At Home if you are unwell- COVID Leave Policy

  • Update for Parents in Dubai


Health and Safety Guidelines Video:

Please click here to access the Health and Safety Guidelines Video for parents and students.

Drop off and Pick up Routines

Please click here to access the Drop off and Pick up Routines.

Reopening Readiness Webinar

Please click here to access the presentation for Reopening Readiness Webinar for parents.

Key School Policies

Please click here to access the key school policies for parents.

Welcome Videos

Please click below links to access the Key Stage wise welcome videos for parents and students.


Please click here to access the Frequently Asked Questions related to school functioning under COVID conditions

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