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Head of Department: Lincy Shibu
Email ID[email protected]


Department Philosophy

Our vision is to deliver an effective and sustained learning environment to our learners using the most innovative teaching and learning methods. Our department believes in  inculcating the Growth Mind set amongst the Business students to enable them to excel and achieve their potential and beyond. The focus of the Business Department is to maximize the learning and attainment outcomes for every student and ensure progress for all. Our focus as Business teachers is on reinventing ourselves to overhaul our teaching. Teachers adopt stimulating innovative teaching and learning strategies to equip students with the requisite 21st century skills.

We set our goals in line with the SMART Principles.

S –Specific


A –Attainable

R –Relevant

T –Time Bound

(Details of Innovative class room activities available on the Business Department Blog Link.


Department Facilities / Resources

  • Well qualified and experienced staff.
  • Well framed Schemes of Work, lesson plans and a positive learning environment.
  • Interactive digital technologies and latest pedagogical tools to maximize learning outcomes.
  • Personal Lap tops, I Pads and access to the Interactive White Board and Clever Touch screens.
  • Updated CIE resources and access to maximum opportunities for professional development of our staff members.
  • Excellent Peer Mentoring, lesson modelling and Peer observation by Department members to share outstanding teaching and learning strategies.
  • Online Work sheets, subject presentations and Business Department Blog.
  • Department Blogs with a range of resources, presentations and student led activities.
  • Our Business students constitute excellent resource persons while conducting Student-led lessons.
  • Delivery of effective distance and blended learning model.


Key Points from Department Policy

  • Focus on Quality in lesson delivery through close monitoring to ensure improved standards of attainment and progress for all groups of students.  Planning of focused three part lessons- starter, main development and plenary with clear-cut learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Ensuring that schemes of work are prepared and updated devising a planned programme for evaluating it. Revisiting and revising the SOW and Lesson Plans in light of the key themes of UAE National Agenda and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • All Teachers use ICT in Teaching and learning and interactive teaching and learning strategies
  • Self- Evaluation and Target setting to re-evaluate strengths and areas to work on through the use of IPP and PDP Appraisal. Support systems in place to raise standards of teaching across the Business Department.
  • Home learning on a Fortnightly basis and Aim High on a monthly basis to reinforce and assess topics.
  • After school support Lessons are provided for all the Board classes to ensure personalized support.
  • Effective use is made of Internal, International and External Benchmarking data to identify gaps, highlight target students and also provide personalized support to students. 
  • Development of interdisciplinary skills through STEAM and Project based learning as well as active use of Learning Menus.
  • To further incorporate differentiation in lessons to cater to the individual need of all students including high achievers, low achievers G/T and SEND to maximize progress.
  • Focus on sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop life- long learning and ensure a smooth transition to university.
  • Ensuring that students develop into reflective and intellectually engaged learners.
  • The Business Department is in the 5th year of offering BTEC Business as a vocational course.


Assessment Procedure

Assessments are structured so that Formative Assessments comprise of a variety of ongoing and continuous assessment tasks such as Activity Based learning, quizzes, class discussions, homework and projects.  Fortnightly Tests are conducted during Leap Time and the progress Tracker is maintained in Phoenix. Year 10 has three Summative Assessments in the 3 academic terms while Years 11, 12& 13 have the Pre- mocks and Mocks. As per school Policy – All assessments are framed in the same pattern as the CIE Exams. 


Extra-curricular Activities

  • Business Week – Activities held every year includes - Business Quiz, Shark Summits, Model WTO, Business Monopoly, Economics debates, Meet and Entrepreneur, Panel Discussions, Ad Buzz Competitions, Curricular Economy Challenges, Cross Curricular links, Business Stalls, Advertising Enactment and Poster making competitions.


Other competitions held outside school -

  • YEC - held under the patronage of H.E Sheikh Mohd Bin Rashid Al Maktoum every year where students display their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Expo Young Innovators - Students from across the UAE were invited to unleash their imagination and develop an innovation to change the world with the possibility of showcasing it at the Expo 2020.
  • DS Venturists - The event comprised of four phases namely • Survival • Marketing • innovation and differentiation. The ultimate quiz TIME followed by networking sessions with prominent business figures, successful entrepreneurs, and aspiring pupils from across the UAE.
  • Noon Next Challenge - Noon Next Challenge was aimed at enabling students to rethink the online shopping experience and develop solutions for bringing in sustainability to NOON logistics.
  • DIDI (Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation Project Design Space Season 4) – A unique opportunity for students to gain real world experience by closely working with clients like Nike, Centrepoint, Lego and RAK Bank.
  • Project Rona - Led by students to initiate and develop their area of interests in business and entrepreneurship.
  • Global Innovation Challenge
  • GEMS Xcelerator


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