Humanities Department

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Head of Department: Ms. Meera Jacob
Email ID: [email protected]

Department Humanities

To develop learners critical thinking, writing, evaluation skills and by providing active learning in the classroom through the various subjects offered in the department.

  • Key Stage 3- History, Geography, UAE Social studies
  • Key Stage 4 (IGCSE) – Geography, History, Global Perspectives, Environmental Management, Sociologyand Psychology
  • Key Stage 5 (AS and A levels) –Geography, History, Global Perspectives, Psychology and Sociology

To give opportunities for learners how to link the concepts with the day to day events happening in the society which will make them confident global citizens.

Department Facilities / Resources

Local Field trips, Overseas trips, Quiz competitions, Support classes, Subject related clubs (Envinch,   MUN), AV resources, Community Services

Key Points from Department Policy:

  • To Enhance the subject related skills in students according to their individual needs
  • To provide subject knowledge and day to day application of it to make them Global Citizens
  • To ensure fair and unbiased assessments with feedback
  • To foster global awareness of their role and responsibility towards sustainability and World citizenship
  • To encourage collaborative research and learning.

Assessment Procedure

Key Stage 3 – Formative Assessments forms an integral part of every lesson. Students are encouraged to use the National Curriculum level descriptors to assess their learning and set targets. We assess children's work formatively through individual/group projects, individual/group research, class discussions, debates, role plays, cross curricular linking, linking UAE, making real life connections and effective questioning.

A Summative Assessment is done at the end of term 1 and term 3. Based on the Summative and Formative assessments student’s level of attainment are identified, new targets are set and shared with the students and parents.

100% Written assessment for IGCSE, AS and A levels

Extra-curricular Activities

Overseas trips, Humanities Week ( Fashion Show, Quiz, News paper collection campaign, Poster puzzle, Photo Fix, ), Local Field trips, Movies, Envich club, MUN

Useful Subject-specific websites